Cloud County Commission Approves Meridian Way Wind Farm Grants

By Payton Tholstrup

On Monday, April 22nd, the Cloud County Commission met and awarded 23 projects funding through the Meridian Way Wind Farm. This program is funded by EDP Renewables. Cloud County received over 32 applications this year. The funds go to projects that enhance the quality of life, prosperity, and safety of the citizens of Cloud.

Recipients of the Grants are as follows:

City of Jamestown: $20,000

Jamestown was awarded $20,000 to help with purchasing a new tractor for the public works department. This will allow them to safely and efficiently clear roads, offering safe travel during times of inclement weather. The tractor can also be used by employees for regular maintenance and preparing events.

City Of Glasco: $20,000

The City of Glasco received $20,000 to assist in purchasing a new response fire truck that will be capable of holding 300 gallons of water. The truck will cost $101,500 and will replace an international fire truck from 1958.

City of Miltonvale: $10,000

Miltonvale was awarded $10,000 to support a community-built replacement playground for Tootle Park. Originally, the community built a playground project that took a total of five days in 2002. While it has lasted 21 years, it now needs to be replaced with longer-lasting composite materials. The estimated cost is between $325,000-$450,000.

Concordia Senior Center: $10,000

The Concordia Senior Center will use these funds to repair their back delivery/parking lot.

USD 333 Concordia Education Fund: $5,000

$5,000 will be used for a multi-use area at Concordia Middle School. In 2023, the district used capital outlay funding to add a concrete surface east of the school with recreation space, basketball goals, and tetherball. Concordia Education Fund Director, Kim Muff, said the district is committed to finishing the project but that they want to try and limit the burden it could bring to taxpayers. The district is currently pursuing grant funding for this project, as well as donors who might be interested in contributing.

POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society: $5,000

The POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society will use these funds to do restoration work on a rare 1944 World War II Amphibious Jeep. The vehicle is currently in Sheridan, Montana with David Welch who owns Ramshorn Creek Restoration. POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society believes the vehicle will bring many history enthusiasts to Concordia.

Concordia Hurricanes Swim Team: $5,000

The City of Concordia is collaborating with the Concordia Hurricanes Swim Team to replace eight dive blocks at the Concordia Municipal Swimming Pool. Dive blocks help swimmers perform the backstroke with proper form. They are used for Swim Team practices and meets. Over the years, the exposure of the water and normal wear and tear has led them to start weathering. This has made it more difficult to anchor them in place, which makes it more difficult for swimmers to stay steady.

Concordia Youth Football Team: $5,000

The Concordia Youth Football Team plans to use this funding to replace game-day uniforms for fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students. New uniforms haven’t been purchased in ten years. They will need 50 new uniforms at $110 each.

Guardians of the St. Joseph Church Foundation: $5,000

This funding will be used for preserving and restoring the St. Joseph Church. The Guardians have developed a three-part project and hope to make crucial repairs to ensure long-term preservation of the church and encourage more use of the facility. The project includes repairing plaster, painting the main altar and two side altars, painting the ceiling and walls, and installing wood flooring.

Saron Baptist and Danish Lutheran Church Association: $5,000

The Saron Baptist and Danish Lutheran Church Association will use this funding to help with general repair work to preserve the two churches. The Saron Baptist Church is 150 years old, and the Danish Lutheran Church is almost 120 years old.

Brown Grand Theatre: $4,000

The Brown Grand Theatre will use this funding to restore the backstage staircase that leads to the dressing rooms as well as add a hot water line to the backstage restroom to the utility sink. Several steps on the stairs are broken and are not safe. The utility sink project will aid in helping keep the stage clean and sanitary.

9/11 Tribute Heroes Weekend: $3,000

The 9/11 Tribute Heroes Weekend is scheduled for September 13th and 14th at the Cloud County Fairgrounds. This event is to honor military members, veterans, and first responders, as well as educate the community about 9/11. The event will feature live music, a cornhole tournament, and more.

NCK Casa and Hope’s Place: $2,000

North Central Kansas CASA (NCK Casa) and Hope’s Place Child Advocacy Center were awarded $2,000 to upgrade specific areas within the office. They hope to replace the carpet, paint

the walls in the reception area, and replace the carpet in the forensic interview room. They also need to replace two chairs in the Child Advocacy Family Room.

USD 224 Clifton-Clyde: $2,000

This funding will be used to support summer school-age programs for students currently enrolled in Pre-K through 5th grade. The program is licensed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). The program needs assistance with start-up supplies, like games, arts and crafts, and more. The program also needs assistance with field trip expenses.

Cloud County Historical Museum: $2,000

This will be used to reinstall loose window gaskets, caulk areas where gaskets have shrunk, remove several windows to repair gaskets behind the glass, and caulk the perimeter of the aluminum windows. There is currently some water damage taking place due to the state of the gaskets.

Glasco VFW Post 7697: $1,800

This will be used to replace the existing ceiling and lighting in the dining area. The goal is to make the building home to more events such as meals, dances, weddings, funerals, craft shows, meetings, and more, as well as make the building energy efficient.

Cloud County Genealogical Society: $1,000

The funding will be used to purchase a computer that will be equipped with genealogy software, allowing members to research, document, and organize data more efficiently. It will help enhance the society’s educational outreach efforts.

Jamestown City Library: $500

The funding will be used to support STEM Programming. STEM fosters learning and makes activities more enjoyable, allowing creativity, teamwork, and empathy. It also helps students become more comfortable with using technology as a tool.

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