Cloud County Employees Participate in Fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House

By Payton Tholstrup

A competition was recently held in Cloud County to support The Ronald McDonald House. Different departments in the county teamed up to see who could collect the most recycled pop tabs. The Cloud County Health Department partnered with The Recycling Center and Solid Waste Team and won, collecting a total of 159 pounds of pop tabs. The entire county collected a grand total of 287.2 pounds of pop tabs. The winners voted on who would end up getting a pie to the face. Shella Thoman, a clerk for Cloud County, received the most votes.

The Ronald McDonald House is a charity that tries to reduce the burden of childhood illness and sickness by giving families a place to stay while children are receiving treatment or staying at the hospital. The tabs will be recycled and then the money from the recycling project will be given to Ronald McDonald House.

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