Cloud County Resource Center Fundraising for Have a Heart TNR

By Payton Tholstrup

The Cloud County Resource Center is currently fundraising for Have a Heart TNR, a cat rescue in Clifton, Kansas. The organization mainly focuses on Trap, Neuter, and Return, but they also rescue and adopt out cats to homes. Their main areas of focus are Cloud and Clay County, but they have also helped cats in other surrounding counties as well.

The fundraiser is Valentine’s Day themed. Anyone interested in supporting the organization can purchase a “KittyGram” for $5. They come in two varieties that you can choose from, The Kiss Me Gram or The Love Stinks Gram.

The Kiss Me Gram comes with a toy for your cat or a shelter cat.

The Love Stinks Gram is customizable with the name of an ex, enemy, rival, or even a political opponent and will be used in the shelter cats litter boxes.

The fundraiser started on January 29th and goes until February 12th. To purchase a Kitty Gram, contact the Cloud County Resource Center. You can stop by or email them at You can also call (785) 243-1065.

All proceeds will go to Have a Heart TNR.

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