Core Community Abilene Coming May 6th

By Ryan Duey

Core Community Abilene, an organization aimed at bringing the Community of Abilene together to heal lives, solve poverty, and empower the community through relationships will host programs on May 6th and 13th at the Methodist Church. Starting with a meal at 5:30 p.m.

Cindy Whittington, Core Community Coach, said this Program is not just about impacting those in poverty, it is also about changing the mindsets of the wealthy and middle class.

To solve poverty, everyone’s attitudes and understandings have to be changed. Everyone has a voice at the table.

This Program is a 22-week class, bringing people together to help families get out of the toxic stress of poverty. Helping to grow a stronger community through support.

Rebecca, CEO of the Program, will speak to participants during the May 6th Program on her personal experience of escaping poverty.

You can contact Whittington if you’d like to volunteer and get additional information on the Abilene Core Community Facebook page. To learn more and to see the impact Core Community has had on different communities visit

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