CVA Reveals $4 Million Expansion Plan at The Junction

By Ryan Duey

Central Valley Ag (CVA) revealed plans for a $4 million expansion project at its grain facility, The Junction, located near the junction of highways 15 and 148, north of Linn. The project will introduce a cutting-edge agronomy plant, bolstering CVA’s ability to deliver essential agricultural services to local farmers.

Nic McCarthy, CVA’s SVP of Agronomy, expressed enthusiasm for the expansion, highlighting its dedication to member-owners and commitment to providing top-tier resources. The expansion aligns with CVA’s strategy to modernize infrastructure and meet evolving agricultural needs. Established in 2018, The Junction currently offers substantial grain storage and added an NH3 Plant in 2019 and a clear diesel fueling site in 2023.

The agronomy plant will provide storage and distribution of key agricultural inputs, optimizing operations and logistics. Brent Reichmuth, SVP of Operations at CVA, emphasized the cooperative’s focus on serving members and the farming community. Construction on the agronomy plant is slated to start in Fall 2024, with completion anticipated by Spring 2025.

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