Doughbro Transitions Back To Its Roots

By Jayson Henderson

A local bakery, Doughbro, which began its journey under cottage laws in November 2019, is set to make a strategic move back to its roots by transitioning to a food truck business model. The decision comes as the owners seek to recalibrate their focus amid exponential growth in recent years.

Since its humble beginnings, Doughbro quickly garnered a devoted following. This led to questions about items they couldn’t make at home due to temperature rules. To mitigate risks while expanding operations, the owners, Melissa Asper, her husband Steven Asper, and older brother, took matters into their own hands and constructed a food truck in 2020. The venture proved successful, with business booming and sales tripling in 2021 compared to the previous year.

With increasing demand and a desire for a commercial kitchen and additional storage, Doughbro ventured into a brick-and-mortar storefront in November 2021, further propelling their sales to double that of 2021 in the following year. However, amidst this growth, Melissa Asper and her team have reflected on their long-term goals, recognizing the value of personal interactions and community engagement inherent in their storefront operations.

“We ultimately want to focus more on our storefront business—the interactions, the people. It fills our cup more than the 30-second interaction at the food truck,” stated Melissa Asper.

The decision to shift focus back to the food truck is part of a strategic reset aimed at finding the perfect balance for the next phase of their business. As they embark on this transition, location becomes paramount for the success of their mobile enterprise.

Specializing in scratch-baked dough-based delicacies such as cinnamon rolls, bierocks, sausage rolls, biscuits and gravy, Doughbro has carved a niche for itself in the culinary scene. The food truck has traveled as far as 200 miles depending on the event, showcasing their commitment to serving a wider audience.

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