Former Marysville Police Chief Settles with City

By Ryan Duey

Former Marysville police chief Todd Ackerman has reached a settlement with the city after filing a lawsuit regarding his abrupt termination in September 2021.

Ackerman, now the director of public safety in Augusta, claimed discrimination based on age and disability, stating he faced disparaging remarks about his health upon returning to work from double-bypass surgery. The $30,000 settlement, negotiated by insurance company EMC, was close to what Ackerman expected as severance pay.

City officials, including Mayor Todd Frye, declined to comment on the case, deferring to EMC.

The settlement, reached through mediation in January, resolved Ackerman’s claims of lost wages, benefits, and emotional distress. Ackerman’s lawsuit, filed in spring 2023, alleged damages including loss of career opportunity and humiliation. Ackerman was Marysville’s police chief for 22 years.

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