Frankfort Population to Double when Biking Across Kansas Stops Over for the Night

By Ryan Duey

Frankfort is preparing for 777 cyclists arriving for Biking Across Kansas 2024. The town will host the cyclists overnight on June 13-14, doubling its population.

Numerous food stands, including those by local clubs and organizations, will offer a variety of snacks and meals. The Frankfort Janes will provide nutritious snacks like no-bake energy bites and parfaits.

The event promotes health, wellness, and Kansas’s scenic and historical beauty. Activities include live music at Highway 9 restaurant on June 13.

The Frankfort Janes, a service organization, are coordinating efforts to enhance the town’s lighting and maintaining local landmarks. Breakfast options on June 14 start at 5:30 a.m., ensuring cyclists are well-fed for their journey.

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