Governor Laura Kelly Vetoes Three Bills, Calls for Responsible Tax Relief in Kansas

By Trish Svoboda

Today, May 16, Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed House Substitute for Senate Bill 37, House Bill 2096, and House Bill 2097.

Governor Laura Kelly acknowledged the need for tax relief among Kansans. She committed to collaborating with legislative leaders to reach a compromise and create a bipartisan tax cut plan. This plan aims to offer tax relief to all Kansans in a responsible manner, without jeopardizing the future fiscal stability of the state.

She also revealed plans to announce the date of a special legislative session in the following week. The purpose of this session is to deliver comprehensive and sustainable tax cuts. Governor Kelly expressed optimism that if everyone works together, an affordable and bipartisan tax plan could be passed in less than a day.

A message from Gov. Kelly regarding her vetoes stated that Kansans urgently need comprehensive tax relief. Despite roadmaps for responsible tax cuts, the Legislature’s reckless policies led to a veto. The resulting special session saw a last-minute tax cut package that threatens Kansas’ progress in public services, education, and infrastructure. A proposed tax abatement scheme unfairly favors a specific business. Kansas has made significant strides, improving financial ratings, reducing debt, and establishing a rainy-day fund. However, the lack of a responsible tax cut bill risks other policies and the state’s future fiscal stability. The Legislature must consider the overall cost before promising tax cuts, prioritizing income over expenses

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