Holden Minor Ringer “Walk 2 Washington” Passes Through Kansas

By Quinn O’Hara

A man is walking his way across America one step at a time, and recently passed through Kansas along Highway 36. Walking from Washington state to Washington, D.C., 25-year-old Holden Minor Ringer started the nearly 3-thousand-mile trek in March of this year, and hopes to finish the journey come summer 2024. Ringer made his way through Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, and has now made it past Kansas City, Missouri. From there Ringer plans to head south for the winter and spend time in Atlanta, Georgia. Following the end of winter, Ringer will snake his way up the east coast and back down to the Capitol.

The routes Ringer chooses change fairly frequently, based upon the challenges of each day. He talks of the most common issue he has come across on the walk.

Ringer says that because he has tended to stick to state highways and roads, traffic is a frequent obstacle he deals with.

Despite the challenges of the walk, Ringer has greatly enjoyed his time so far, and credits the kindness of others for a lot of that joy.

For now, Ringer will keep on walking his way across America, one step at a time.

Those who wish to donate to help fund his adventure and to follow his progress can go to walk2washington.com, or follow his Facebook page by the same name.

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