House Small Business Committee Passes SBDC Improvement Act Enhancing Small Business Support Nationwide

By Trish Svoboda

The National Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Advisory Board Improvement Act, led by U.S. Representatives Tracey Mann and Jared Golden, received unanimous approval in the House Small Business Committee last week. This legislation mandates that the National SBDC Advisory Board submit an annual report to Congress outlining recommendations for enhancing SBDCs’ outreach, technical assistance, and small business training. SBDCs play a crucial role in providing valuable resources to small businesses, fostering entrepreneurship, and stimulating economic growth.

Rep. Mann stated in a newsletter that his legislation will hold the National SBDC Advisory Board accountable for recommending how to keep those services and resources current and high-quality.

The Big First District includes five SBDCs spanning Liberal, Dodge City, Hays, Manhattan, and Lawrence, each in collaboration with a college or university. Rep. Mann will serve as the U.S. Representative for these SBDCs and the over 200,000 small businesses in the Big First District. He emphasized that he is committed to supporting avenues that drive their success and contribute to the state’s economic prosperity.

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