Junction City and Geary County Still at Odds over EMS Costs

By Ryan Duey

Junction City and Geary County continue to be at odds over EMS service costs despite narrowing the gap. At a recent county commission meeting, it was revealed that the city budgeted $2 million while the county allocated $1.5 million for EMS this year.

Latest negotiations have led to adjusted figures of $1.8 million for the city and $1.65 million for the county, equating to $137,500 monthly for the county. Continuing discussions on EMS negotiation and litigation are slated for the upcoming Junction City Commission meeting.

County Commissioner Trish Giordano highlighted the city’s financial concerns if they don’t receive $1.8 million, yet she also stressed the strain it would place on the county’s finances. Giordano rebutted claims that the county surprised the city with the figures, stating that they have been trying to sit down with them.

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