Junction City Animal Shelter Seeks Help with Building

By Ryan Duey

During a recent Junction City Commissioners meeting, Animal Shelter Director Vanessa Gray highlighted the need for renovations or the construction of a new animal shelter.

Mayor Pat Landes issued support, urging Gray to develop a comprehensive plan for consideration. Commissioner Jeff Underhill felt a new facility was needed, urging the exploration of funding options also.

Gray informed the Commission that the current shelter was built in the 1970s, and noted current issues like cramped spaces, rusting doors, freezing locks, and water leaks. Additionally, the facility lacks office privacy, has a small parking lot, and inadequate lighting in the dog room.

With the shelter exceeding its capacity, housing 45 dogs in a space designed for 22, and reaching 214% capacity for dogs just two weeks prior, Gray emphasized the need to address these issues, leaving the commissioners to consider options for either renovating the existing structure or constructing a new facility.

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