Junction City Animal Shelter Without Capacity for Care

By Trish Svoboda

The Junction City Animal Shelter wants to make the public aware of its current capacity situation. In a post on its Facebook page Tuesday, the shelter said there is something called Capacity for Care, which means you are able to meet the needs of a certain number of animals in your care. The shelter has 22 dog runs available, and its Capacity for Care would suggest no more than 16-17, according to the post.

The shelter said that it currently has 39 dogs. Shelter staff have been working around the clock to maintain the needs of these dogs, including providing them with toys and enrichment.

Without Capacity for care, it can create behavioral issues in the dogs at the shelters, which can lead to dogs being brought back to the shelter, creating a cycle. They emphasize the need for adoptions, and for those who adopt to ensure they are making the right decision and are willing to commit to any challenges as they come

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