Kansas Chamber PAC Announces Endorsements of 118 Pro-Job Candidates for 2024 Primary Elections

By Trish Svoboda

On Wednesday, June 19, the Kansas Chamber Political Action Committee (Chamber PAC) revealed its endorsements of 118 pro-job, pro-growth candidates for the Kansas House of Representatives and the Kansas Senate for the 2024 Primary Elections.

“The Kansas Chamber PAC endorses and supports pro-job, pro-growth candidates who understand the importance of free-enterprise solutions,” said Christie Kriegshauser, the Kansas Chamber’s Vice-President of Political Affairs. “In these times of financial uncertainty, it is even more crucial that the elected leaders of our state understand the fundamental role business plays in the economic health of our communities and will work to reduce the cost of doing business in Kansas, so employers have more to invest in their operations, their employees, and their communities.”

The Chamber PAC’s endorsements for the 2024 Primary Elections were determined by evaluating candidate positions, conducting in-person interviews, analyzing district dynamics, and reviewing incumbent voting records on issues significant to the Kansas business community, among other factors.

You can find the list of the pro-jobs candidates here.

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