Kansas DCF Reveals Foster Care Contract Allocations

By Trish Svoboda

The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) unveiled the allocation of contracts for its Case Management Providers (CMP), specifically geared toward foster care services within Kansas. The current contractors – TFI, KVC Kansas, Cornerstones of Care, and Saint Francis Ministries – will continue in their duties within their respective regions across the state, except for one alteration. In Sedgwick County, EmberHope will take over the responsibilities formerly held by Saint Francis Ministries.

“During the bidding process, we were focused on the organizations’ commitment to enhancing the quality of foster care, reintegration, adoption, ICPC, and independent living services to Kansas children,” said DCF Secretary Laura Howard. “We believe our contracted partners are committed to a practice model that guides team members to engage families and create lifetime support networks.”

DCF notes a total of 5,895 children currently in foster care, marking the lowest count since January 2014.

The CMP partners will be prioritizing timely and efficient services and interventions for families, with a focus on placing children and their families at the forefront of the process. To minimize trauma, efforts will be made on prioritizing placement with relatives and non-related kin whenever feasible, and by placing siblings together.

“Families remain to be at the center of the process,” Howard said.

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