Kansas Department of Transportation Launches Study on Pay-Per-Mile Road Usage Charge

By Trish Svoboda

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is conducting a three-month study to assess if a pay-per-mile road usage charge (RUC) could replace the existing fuel tax for road and bridge funding. As part of the Kansas Midwest RUC Study, Kansans are encouraged to test mileage reporting methods and share their experiences.

Currently, state gas tax is 24 cents per gallon for gasoline vehicles and 26 cents for diesel ones. However, as vehicles become more fuel-efficient or cease using gas or diesel, this could lead to a shortfall in state transportation funding.

KDOT is actively investigating if a RUC could serve as a lasting, sustainable funding source for the state’s transportation needs. In collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, KDOT is utilizing federal grant funds allocated to states for the exploration of potential alternative transportation funding strategies.

Currently, the majority of states examining the RUC system are located on the East and West coasts. However, Kansas is now contributing a Midwest viewpoint to this nationwide discussion.

KDOT is currently seeking participants for a pilot study set to begin in April. They are inviting drivers from all over the state to participate, particularly rural Kansans who operate passenger vehicles or medium-duty trucks, individuals employed in the agricultural sector, and owners or operators of large trucks. Kansans interested in taking part in the pilot can visit www.midwestruc.org for more information to complete an interest form for the pilot study

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