Kansas Forest Service Forecasts Favorable Conditions for Brush Pile Burning: Safety Tips from Smokey the Bear

By Trish Svoboda

The Kansas Forest Service indicates that this month’s weather conditions might provide favorable opportunities for burning brush piles. They advise individuals to consistently monitor their local weather conditions on the intended day of the burn and for several days after.

Smokeythebear.com provides tips on preventing wildfires while burning backyard debris, which include:

· Check the conditions. If it’s windy or vegetation is dry, don’t burn.

· Check local regulations. In some areas, permits are required.

· Burning dry, natural vegetation on your property is permissible unless local laws state otherwise. It’s not advisable, and may even be illegal in some areas, to burn household garbage, plastics, or tires are not recommended to burn, and is illegal to burn in some areas. Always consult your local regulations.

· Select a secure location for burning that is distanced from power lines, protruding branches, structures, vehicles, and machinery. Ensure that the vertical clearance is at least triple the height of the pile.

· Ensure that the chosen location is encircled by gravel or mineral soil (dirt) extending at least 10 feet in every direction. Maintain a damp environment around the site during the burn and keep a shovel within reach.

· Keep your stacks small and easy to handle. As the fire burns down, incorporate more debris.

· When using burn barrels, make sure they are made completely of metal, properly vented and in good condition.

· Remain present until your fire is entirely extinguished. Quench the fire thoroughly with water, stir the ashes with a shovel, and douse it once more. This process should be repeated multiple times

It’s also important to regularly check the burn area over the next several days, and even up to several weeks after the burn. For more fire safety tips, visit https://smokeybear.com/en/prevention-how-tos/backyard-debris-burning

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