Kansas Legislators Are Receiving Suspicious Letters with Mysterious White Powder

The Kansas Bureau of Investigations, or KBI, along with the FBI are investigating a recent series of letters containing a suspicious powder sent to lawmakers and officials throughout Kansas.

Since Friday, over 100 legislative officials in Kansas have received the suspicious envelopes, including State Representative for the 64th district of Kansas, Lewis Bloom, of Clay Center.

Bloom had been notified beforehand of the potential that he would receive one of these letters, so when he did, he immediately notified authorities who picked it up, and it was held at the sheriff’s office until KBI was able to retrieve it.

A common theme to these envelopes is that whoever is responsible for sending the notes is using local churches as return addresses, and using names from people who live or lived in the communities.

It also seems evident that the sender is targeting lawmakers who supported certain bills that have been overridden, so it shouldn’t be something communities need to worry about ending up in their mailboxes.

Testing showed that the powdery substance was a non-poisonous biological.

This matter is still under investigation with the KBI and FBI.

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