Kansas Legislature Backs Governor Laura Kelly’s Medicaid Expansion: A Leap Towards Health Care Coverage for 150,000 More Kansans

By Trish Svoboda

During the Medicaid expansion hearings held by the Kansas Legislature last month, Governor Laura Kelly’s bipartisan proposal for Medicaid expansion garnered backing from advocates for child care and families across the state. These advocates presented their testimonies at the hearings conducted by the House Health and Human Services Committee, as well as a joint session of the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee and Senate Ways and Means Committee.

The expansion of Medicaid could potentially provide an extra 150,000 Kansans, including uninsured children, with access to health care coverage. As the number of insured parents rises, it enhances the probability of children receiving the necessary regular check-ups and preventive care for their healthy growth.

“As child welfare providers, we work daily with children and families who are part of Kansas’ most vulnerable populations. Access to quality health care is important to supporting those families. Many are working in preventive ways to keep their children safely in their homes, so there is no need to enter the foster care system. While children who do have to enter foster care are eligible for Medicaid services, many of the families we support are not and, therefore, are in need of affordable, quality health care. Due to current statute, many families are not eligible in Kansas.” —Rachel Marsh, CEO, Children’s Alliance of Kansas

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