Kansas Nonprofits Receive Over $4 Million in Tax Credits for Community Service Projects

By Trish Svoboda

On June 17, Governor Laura Kelly announced that more than $4 million in Community Service Tax Credits (CSP) will benefit 26 Kansas nonprofit organizations. These tax credits aim to improve and enhance fundraising efforts for education, healthcare, childcare, and housing projects across the state. The funds will support local access to quality services, including childcare, healthcare, education, arts, and housing.

“These tax credits are vital to ensure our nonprofit organizations have the necessary resources to positively impact communities across Kansas,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “Community Service Program Tax Credits are a valuable tool that encourages investment and engagement in local nonprofits.”

The program, established in 1994, offers tax incentives to donors. In rural communities with populations under 15,000, donors can receive a 70% tax credit for their contributions. In larger communities, the tax credit is 50%. These credits are directly deducted from the donor’s state tax obligation.

The CSP supports diverse community projects, addressing specific needs such as infrastructure modernization, cultural enrichment, and recreational resources. The recently awarded projects encompass a range of initiatives, including replacing city pool facilities, expanding and renovating community libraries, preserving historic sites, and enhancing arts facilities and senior care services.

Of the 54 applications requesting over $9.8 million in tax credits, 26 projects were chosen through a competitive, score-based process. A full list of awardees can be found here. The next round of applications will open on March 1.

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