Kansas Small Business Owners Support Governor Kelly’s Medicaid Expansion Proposal

By Trish Svoboda

In the previous week, a proposal for Medicaid expansion, backed by both parties and put forth by Governor Laura Kelly, received the support of over 20 businesses and chambers of commerce in Kansas during the hearings held by the House Health and Human Services Committee, as well as a joint session of the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee and Senate Ways and Means Committee. The supporting businesses and chambers of commerce are representatives of thousands of business owners throughout Kansas.

Recently, the Sunflower Foundation revealed the findings of a statewide survey carried out by Neil Newhouse from Public Opinion Strategies. The survey results indicated that a significant 83% of small business owners in Kansas are in favor of Medicaid expansion.

“As a small business owner of a farm and seed operation in western Kansas, we see Medicaid expansion as part of the puzzle for holding our small community together. In our business, we pay health care benefits for our employees, but these loyal folks have family and friends who may not have that option. They may work part-time jobs or have jobs that just don’t carry health coverage.” Louise Ehmke, Co-Owner of Ehmke Seed, said.

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