Kansas Struggles with Medicaid Expansion: $7 Billion in Funding Lost Over a Decade

By Trish Svoboda

Kansas remains among the minority of states that have yet to expand Medicaid coverage, excluding nearly all adults with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level. Refusal to expand Medicaid has resulted in the loss of approximately $7 billion in federal funding over the past decade, an amount equivalent to Kansas’ entire budget for 2024.

Despite efforts by legislative leaders in Kansas to present arguments against Medicaid expansion, a media release states these claims have been consistently debunked by considerable evidence.

The cost-effectiveness of maintaining public health is indisputable, as preventing health decline through accessible primary care is more reasonable than treating health issues when they escalate.

Kansas has already relinquished nearly $7 billion in tax revenue to the federal government. The state has the highest percentage of rural hospitals at risk of closing nationwide, and when hospitals are forced to close or reduce their service, the community suffers.

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