Kansas Tourism Encourages Kansans to Celebrate Kansas Day

By Trish Svoboda

In celebration of Kansas Day, Kansas Tourism has released a new video inviting viewers to rediscover the joys of vacationing in Kansas. This video marks the beginning of Kansas Tourism’s 2024 marketing campaign, which highlights the essence of a vacation and highlights Kansas as an ideal destination for travelers.

The idea of a vacation gained popularity in the 1860s to encourage individuals to “vacate their homes” and go out in the wilderness, promoting rejuvenation and reconnection necessary for a healthy lifestyle. However, now vacations cause stress, are overly scheduled, and are expensive.

Kansas Tourism offers resources to aid in planning a trip to Kansas, including a free travel guide that can be mailed or instantly downloaded. The TravelKS.com website features an entire section dedicated to planning your trip.

January 29, known as Kansas Day, offers Kansans the opportunity to unite and celebrate the history that has molded the Sunflower State and to launch the 2024 tourism marketing campaign. On this date in 1861, Kansas formally joined the Union as the 34th state, marking an important event in the nation’s history

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