KCI Airport Sees New Changes for 2024

By Trish Svoboda

This year, the newest terminal at Kansas City International Airport will no longer require a booked flight. Airport authorities have announced this as one of many new changes at KCI this year. Nearly a year has passed since the opening of the new terminal at KCI.

Justin Meyer, deputy director of aviation for the Kansas City Aviation Department, said they expect to announce later this month 11.4-11.5 million travelers served this year at the airport. Though not a record high, with moderate growth, 2024 has the potential to become a record-setting year.

This summer, travelers can also expect the introduction of nonstop routes, featuring Southwest Airlines flights to Hollywood Burbank Airport in California and Columbus International Airport in Ohio.

Other ideas are in discussion as well, including adding another incoming traffic lane to ease congestion for pickups and adding a new cell phone lot.

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