Marshall County Courthouse Museum Opens “She Did What!!??” Exhibit

By Ryan Duey

The Marshall County Historic Courthouse Museum presents its new exhibit titled “She Did What!!??” showcasing remarkable women in local history. The exhibit will be on display until November.

The exhibit spans three floors, featuring themed displays on military, pioneers, music, schools, fashion, court, medicine, and city leadership. Notable stories include Beattie’s all-female city council led by Mayor Elizabeth Totten in 1899, which garnered national attention.

The exhibit also highlights Vermillion’s all-girl band, the educational achievements of Bonnie Jean Volesky Cunningham, and the medical contributions of Dr. Jennie Edington Eddy. Additionally, it honors the efforts of Marysville’s “Ladies of the Armour Creamery” during World War II.

Historical society employee Diane Sibley emphasized the importance of showcasing these diverse stories throughout the museum. Organized by Historical Society board president Sharon Vogelsberg, the exhibit features vignettes and photos of extraordinary women in Marshall County.

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