Marysville Police Department and Marshall County Sheriff’s Department Awarded Grants

By Ryan Duey

Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran announced two grants totaling $1.56 million for local law enforcement in Marysville. Speaking at the Lee Dam Center for Fine Art, Moran expressed gratitude for community support. He collaborated with Senator Jeanne Shaheen to secure funds, to enhance law enforcement tools, especially in rural areas.

The grants, awarded to the Marysville Police Department and Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, will finance equipment like in-car cameras, a drug analyzer, and a UTV. Marysville Police Chief Matt Simpson highlighted the necessity of advanced technology for officer safety, citing a recent fentanyl exposure incident by one of the officers. Simpson also emphasized the UTV’s importance for search and rescue operations.

Marshall County Sheriff Tim Ackerman stressed the responsible use of taxpayer funds, proposing investments in education and technology for inmates and law enforcement personnel. The grants signify a crucial investment in enhancing law enforcement capabilities and community safety.

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