Mid-Kansas Cooperative Expands Workforce with Five New Apprentices Through Rural Kansas Apprenticeship Program

By Trish Svoboda

Mid-Kansas Cooperative (MKC), a member-owned agriculture cooperative in Moundridge, has expanded its workforce by adding five apprentices through Kansas Farm Bureau’s (KFB) Rural Kansas Apprenticeship Program (RKAP). These new hires will work full-time, receiving on-the-job training aimed at preparing them for leadership roles within the company.

The program involves rotating the apprentices across multiple MKC locations in the state, where they will gain knowledge from experts in various fields, including agronomy, grain, risk management, feed, energy, IT, HR, accounting, and safety.

These roles provide technical instruction to build a strong foundation for the apprentices to assume leadership positions at MKC, ensuring their success throughout all seasons of the business.

Since becoming Kansas’ first agricultural apprenticeship program in 2023, MKC has strengthened its workforce with seven apprentices through RKAP, including two operations specialists. Currently, MKC is seeking apprentices for CDL driver positions.

Apprenticeships benefit employers by developing a skilled and loyal workforce, while employees gain full-time employment and a certified credential demonstrating their expertise.

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