New Manufacturing Plant to Create 600 Jobs by 2028

By Trish Svoboda

Today, March 21, Governor Laura Kelly revealed that Marvin, a distinguished producer of windows and doors, has chosen Kansas City, Kansas, as the prospective site for its newest manufacturing plant. Marvin plans to allocate $76.5 million for the construction of a 400,000-square-foot facility within the Scannell 435 Logistics Center.

Expected to be finished in 2025, Marvin foresees hiring around 100 full-time staff members spanning its manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly sectors to craft the company’s industry-leading fiberglass window and door solutions. Anticipating steady expansion, Marvin aims to increase its Kansas City workforce to 600 employees by 2028.

Before settling on Kansas City, Marvin undertook thorough research spanning multiple states. Factors such as a healthy workforce, dedication to education at both state and local levels, a cooperative stance on economic development, and alignment with Marvin’s objectives all played vital roles in the company’s ultimate decision.

Expanding to Kansas City, Marvin will now have operations in 17 cities throughout North America.

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