Pink Friday Encourages Shopping Local

By Quinn O’Hara

From Abilene to Marysville to Clay Center, small businesses in the KCLY listening area are gearing up for the 2023 holiday season. 

Black Friday sees millions of Americans head to big-box stores and chain retailers for a good deal, and local businesses often are overlooked as a result. Each year these businesses look for ways to not become lost in the crowd, and one program has seen great success in encouraging folks to shop local: Pink Friday.

In 2021 Jamie Stroda, the owner of Aksent Boutique in Abilene, was searching for a way to boost sales and community engagement in the wake of the on-going pandemic, and discovered Pink Friday. Stroda talks of the purpose behind event:

She says her first Pink Friday was a resounding success:

Ten other businesses in Abilene have joined Aksent Boutique for their Pink Friday event, and the list continues to grow every year.

Marysville has also embraced the Pink Friday event, recently announcing their participation as well.

Wayne Kruse of the Marysville Chamber and Mainstreet talks of how they will be celebrating Pink Friday:

Chamber bucks can be spent at any of the 20 participating locations and serve as another way to emphasize that shopping small should happen first.

Ashlee Wallace, the owner of La. T. Da Boutique in Clay Center, said she first heard of Pink Friday from a group of Boutique owners called The Boutique Hub.

Wallace says that though this is her first Pink Friday, she is hopeful it will be something they can grow in the future.

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