Prairie Paws Animal Shelter Seeking Foster Parents

By Ryan Duey

The Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Manhattan is urgently seeking help with fostering! They have a variety of pets in need, including kittens, animals with medical needs, and those requiring a bit of extra love and attention for behavioral reasons.

The kittens need nurturing environments where they can grow and thrive until they’re ready for adoption.

In the case of medical cases, some of their furry friends require specialized care and attention as they recover from illnesses or injuries. The love and support of foster parents can make all the difference in their healing journey.

As for behavioral cases, some of the animals need a patient and understanding foster home to work through behavioral challenges, helping them become the best companions they can be.

If you have the space in their hearts and homes to open up to one of these special cases, visit their website to apply.

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