Record Surge in VA Healthcare Enrollments: PACT Act and Outreach Efforts Drive Historic Increase

By Trish Svoboda

The Department of Veterans Affairs has reported a significant increase in VA healthcare enrollments over the past year. In Kansas, 2,762 Veterans have been enrolled, marking a 39.32% increase from the previous year. On a national scale, the VA has enrolled 401,006 Veterans, which is a 30% increase from the 307,831 enrollments the previous year. This represents the highest number of yearly enrollments in at least five years at the VA, and a nearly 50% surge from the enrollment levels during the 2020 pandemic.

The PACT Act has enabled the VA to significantly expand health care and benefits for Veterans, leading to a historic increase in enrollments. This has been further bolstered by an outreach campaign by the VA, which includes events, advertising, public service announcements, and text messages to Veterans. The VA plans to continue these efforts throughout 2024.

The VA and the Biden-Harris Administration prioritize enrolling Veterans in health care. Veterans enrolled in VA health care have better health outcomes and find it more affordable. VA hospitals have superior quality and satisfaction ratings. Currently, the VA is providing care and benefits to a record number of Veterans, achieving a historic high in the number of healthcare appointments in 2023.

The VA expanded health care eligibility for Veterans exposed to toxins and hazards during service, including those who served in various wars and those exposed during training or active duty in the U.S. This expansion also includes all World War II Veterans. The VA’s ability to serve these new enrollees is due to record hiring in the Veterans Health Administration last year, leading to more employees than ever before and a 20% decrease in turnover rate.

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