Remembering Justice Fred Six: A Tribute to His Service and Legacy by the Kansas Supreme Court

By Trish Svoboda

The following statement about the April 27 passing of retired Justice Fred Six was issued by Chief Justice Marla Luckert on behalf of the Kansas Supreme Court

“Justice Six was a dedicated public servant of the highest order. As a justice, he will be remembered for his brilliant legal mind, his principled decision-making, his clear writing, and his courtesy, respect, and fairness to all. As a person, he was kind, insatiably curious, genuinely caring, and famous for his bowties. He lived a deep and rich life of service, friendship, learning, and family, and is held in the highest professional and personal esteem by his colleagues and friends. Our hearts are with his family who have lost him and his beloved wife within a span of 10 days.”

Six held a position on the Supreme Court from September 1, 1988, until January 13, 2003. Before this, he served for just over a year as a judge on the Kansas Court of Appeals.

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