Republic County Mental Health Coalition offers free Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

By Ryan Duey

According to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, 1 in 5 teens and young adults lives with a mental health condition.

The Republic County Mental Health Coalition will bring Youth Mental Health First Aid training to Belleville on Friday, June 21st at the Republic County Hospital Education Room starting at 9 am and expected to last until 4:30 pm.

This groundbreaking skills-based course gives adults the tools to identify, understand, and respond to a young person between 12-18 years of age who might be struggling with a mental health or substance use challenge — and connect them with appropriate support and resources when necessary.

Youth Mental Health First Aid is geared towards adults interacting regularly with youth, including parents, teachers and school staff, coaches, youth pastors, and more.

Youth Mental Health First Aid training will be free as registration is covered by the Republic County Mental Health Coalition. Participants will be responsible for their own lunch but will be given time to go out to eat.

To register, call the River Valley Extension District – Belleville Office at 785-527-5084. Participants must have an email address to register. With any questions, contact Monica Thayer, Extension Agent and YMHFA trainer, at 785-527-5084.

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing was instrumental in bringing Mental Health First Aid to the United States. To learn more about Mental Health First Aid USA, visit

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