Republic County Museum To Reopen November 25th

By Quinn O’Hara

After nearly nine months of work, the Republic County Museum is finishing up the renovations of their main building as well as the construction of a new building.

According to the Museum’s Director and Curator Ed Glenn, the building was originally constructed in the 1980s, and was in need of a deep clean and repainting. Museum employees and volunteers assisted in the removal of old displays and quickly got to work restoring the Museum to its former glory.

Glenn mentioned the Museum was in need of a new meeting room as well: 

Glenn says the Museum gained a lot of space thanks to the project:

Both of these projects have been funded in whole by a few estate donations left behind for the purpose of improving the Republic County Museum.

The Museum will reopen on November 25th, and will feature several new displays, including the Smithsonian Institute’s Voices and Votes: Democracy in America display, which will run from November 25 to January 7, 2024.

More information on the expansion and event can be found on the Republic County Museum website.

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