Restoration of the Case Management System in District Courts Continues

By Trish Svoboda

The phased restoration of the Kansas eCourt case management system in district courts by the Kansas judicial branch is moving along more slowly than anticipated.

The case management system used by district courts for case processing was one of several information systems temporarily disabled following a cyberattack on October 12.

According to a news release, as of December 19, access to the case management system was reinstated for district courts in nine judicial districts covering 28 counties. On December 22, two additional judicial districts were included, followed by eight more the next day, and one more will be added today.

The restoration plan originally aimed to bring courts in 104 counties back onto the case management system by the end of last week. However, the pace was slowed down by system performance issues.

System experts have been troubleshooting the issues, and the Office of Judicial Administration determined case processing and backfilling case events are not affected and can proceed. Troubleshooting will continue to resolve system performance issues. Until then, courts operating on the system will continue to use a paper receipting process

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