Senator Marshall and Greater Manhattan Community Foundation Honoring Kansas Gold Star Families

By Ryan Duey

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall and the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation are honoring Kansas Gold Star Families with a trip to Washington D.C. for Memorial Day. Four families will attend the re-dedication of the First Division Monument, which honors fallen soldiers from the First Infantry Division of Fort Riley. The families will fly out on May 25 and spend the weekend in D.C.

The Junction City Military Affairs Council will host a dinner for them on Saturday, attended by Major General John V. Meyer III and Division Command Sergeant Major Derek Noyes. The next day, they will join Senator Marshall at the monument’s re-dedication, where 631 new names will be unveiled. Senator Marshall, a veteran, highlighted the importance of demonstrating care for soldiers. The trip, funded by Christine Benne through grants, including $25,000 from the McCormick Foundation, covers travel and accommodation expenses.

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