Sharice Davids Boosts Kansas Manufacturing: Aims to Lower Costs and Strengthen Domestic Supply Chains

By Trish Svoboda

Yesterday, Representative Sharice Davids took part in a “Sharice’s Shift” at Seats Incorporated, a local manufacturer specializing in truck seating. This was done to emphasize her commitment to boosting Kansas’ production capabilities. Amidst nationwide supply chain disruptions leading to increased business costs, Davids voted in favor of a significant bipartisan legislation aimed at investing in American manufacturing. Seats, Inc. is associated with Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, which recently secured over $2 million in renewed annual funding to assist 2,700 small and medium-sized manufacturers throughout Kansas.

“For years, the heavy reliance on foreign-made goods has not only disrupted our domestic supply chain but also led to rising prices for Kansans,” said Davids. “To address this issue and bring down costs, we must make more goods at home. Recent bipartisan legislation I backed in Congress is paving the way for our state, and businesses like Seats, Inc., to be a frontrunner in manufacturing, bolstering our economy and the financial security of our families.”

In the event known as “Sharice’s Shift,” Davids lent a hand to the employees of Seats, Inc. in the production of seats and accessories for various vehicles including trucks, semi-tractors, highway equipment, and emergency vehicles. Since 2018, Seats, Inc. has seen growth in Spring Hill, leading to job creation across its 150,000 square feet of facilities. Davids also discussed her congressional efforts aimed at reducing expenses for the hardworking people of Kansas and bolstering domestic supply chains. This includes her vote in favor of the CHIPS and Science Act, a move that is creating employment opportunities in Kansas, reducing consumer costs, and promoting workforce development.

During the “Sharice’s Shift,” Davids helped Seats, Inc. employees manufacture seating and accessories for trucks, semi-tractors, highway equipment, and emergency vehicles. Since 2018, Seats, Inc. has expanded in Spring Hill, creating jobs across 150,000 square feet of facilities. Davids shared her work in Congress to lower costs for hardworking Kansans and strengthen domestic supply chains, including voting for the CHIPS and Science Act, which is bringing jobs to Kansas, lowering costs for consumers, and supporting workforce development.

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