Six Locations in Kansas Selected for EV Stations

By Trish Svoboda

The state has been allocated over $4.6 million in funds for fast-charging electric vehicle charging (EV) stations across Kansas. Six locations have been selected for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program.

According to a news release, requirements for the NEVI formula program include for EV stations to be available every 50 miles on designated Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFC), they must be within a single travel mile of the AFC, have the capability to provide at least 600 kW of power, and simultaneously charge four vehicles.

The new locations will cover gaps between fast-charging stations that are already along I-70 and I-35 corridors. The six selected areas are Emporia, Garden City, Cherokee, Fredonia, Belleville, and Pratt. Each project must provide a local cash match of at least 20%, which makes the total investment more than $5.8 million

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