Spin City Becoming More than a Roller Skating Rink?

By Ryan Duey

Junction City Mayor Pat Landes hints at the possibility of converting the Spin City Roller Skating Rink into an event center while still retaining facilities for youth activity. Landes said that he was approached by a citizen unhappy with the level and cost of service at the convention center in Junction City. There was a question about whether the City would consider making Spin City into more of an event space.

Landes stated there could still be space for kids including roller skating but perhaps a floor where you could also have a nice dinner. There is already a good sound system that could be used for dinners and dances. There would possibly have to be some discussions with the nearby JC Naz Church about an agreement for more parking for an upgraded Spin City, said Landes.

Landes called the Spin City facility a hidden gem with potential.

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