Tanganyika Wildlife Park Unveils Endangered Pygmy Hippo’s Name

By Trish Svoboda

Since his birth in December, the endangered pygmy hippo calf at Tanganyika Wildlife Park has become a social media sensation, gaining over 25 million views across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. On Tuesday, the park announced his name, Latke. Pronounced lot-kuh, he was named after the traditional Hannukah potato dish due to his birth during the holiday, Latke has tripled his weight to 46.8 lbs and is thriving under the care of his parents Pluto and Posie.

Latke’s popularity serves as an ambassador for his species, raising awareness about the challenges facing pygmy hippos, of which fewer than 4,000 remain in Central Africa.

When the park reopens on March 9th, guests can visit Latke and his parents daily in their habitat and enjoy feeding encounters.

Starting August 2024, visitors can meet Latke and his family during behind-the-scenes tours, with unique Pygmy Hippo Meet and Greet sessions available.

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