The Herrs Memory Lane Museum in Washington Will Be Open to the Public over Memorial Weekend

By Ryan Duey

The Herrs Memory Lane Museum in Washington, owned by Lawrence and Cara Herrs is home to over 100 vehicles, including a 1912 Overland, a 1950 Ford Convertible, a 1929 Model A Limousine, an 1850 one-horse Open Sleigh, plus many more. This collection of vintage vehicles were all restored by Lawrence Herrs over the span of 50-plus years.

Cara Herrs said that Lawrence got his passion for restoring things from his father at a young age.

Attendees can also admire the rare collection of new and used Ford parts, originally from Pacey Ford Motor Co., which was the first Ford Dealership in Washington, open from 1916-1951. With a special car with no serial number being built by Lawrence from the inventory.

While visiting this unique museum is usually by appointment only, the Herrs are opening it up to the public over Memorial Weekend from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Memorial Day. Cara said to just follow the circle drive for off-street parking by the museum.

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