The Sixth Big Kansas Road Trip Invites Everyone to Explore Rural Communities and Discover Unique Attractions

By Trish Svoboda

From May 2-5, the sixth Big Kansas Road Trip will draw in crowds from across the state through Ellsworth and Lincoln counties, along with the community of Lucas in Russell County.

Created by the non-profit Kansas Sampler Foundation, this event aims to offer the public an experience in rural communities, while providing these towns an opportunity to highlight their unique characteristics and offerings.

Participants pick their own journey from a selection of 256 options, including attractions, shopping, restaurants, and events across the 12 participating cities. Everyone has the freedom to decide their own schedule and destinations.

The BKRT area is home to two state lakes, Kanopolis and Wilson, and two scenic routes – the Post Rock Scenic Byway and sections of the Prairie Trail Scenic Byway.

Ellsworth County will feature events that include cattle branding, frontier army re-enactments, Big Band music and swing dancing, with attractions like Mushroom Rock State Park, Faris Caves, and the World’s Largest Czech Egg.

In Lincoln County, Danish pancakes will be served along with pie on the porch, dark sky viewing, and bingo night, with attractions such as the Lincoln Art Center, grave witching, and a microbrewery.

Lucas, which is the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas, will include the Garden of Eden and Grassroots Art Center, The World’s Largest Things Roadside Sideshow Expo, Miller’s Park, Victorian Geckos, Brant’s Meat Market, and more.

Marci Penner, co-director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, said, “If you have the Explorer spirit and want to get down to the granular level of knowing rural Kansas, this is friendly space to do that.”

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