Tiger Speech and Drama Hosts First Ever “Tiger Family Feud”

By Payton Tholstrup

On September 30th, Tiger Speech and Drama hosted “Tiger Family Feud” at the Rex Theatre. The funds raised from the event are going to help pay for NSDA Nationals this year in Des Moines, Iowa.

Three “families” participated in the event; The Rex Crew, The Gaines Family, and The Keeler Family. The event was just like the TV show. There were three preliminary rounds and a speed round to determine the winner.

“The debate and forensics students prepared surveys in the spring that focused on basic questions as well as local interests. They collated and put together a game board (slideshow) that was used by our announcer to lead the game,” Megan Blackburn, who teaches Forensics and Drama at CCCHS, shared.

Audrey Reh was the host and Morgan Peters did most of the work on the slides. The other students kept score and held up posters for the X’s. The team even created a trophy topped with a Rock’m Sock’m game. The Keeler family won the game.

Megan noted that the game was a lot of fun. “It was our first time trying it and we’re hoping to make it a regular event like The Haunted Rex is,” she said.

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