Travelers Advised to Plan Ahead and Practice Safe Viewing for Total Solar Eclipse

By Trish Svoboda

On Monday, April 8, North America will witness a total solar eclipse. Anticipating a surge in traffic, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) and the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) are advising travelers to make early arrangements. Those traveling should be patient, steer clear of distractions, and adhere to safe driving practices.

“Remember that the shoulders of highways and interstates are for emergencies only,” said KHP Capt. Candice Breshears. “Finding a safe and secure location to view the eclipse is a must for all travelers to make it to their destinations safely.”

Kansas won’t be directly under the path of the total solar eclipse. The eclipse will begin in Mexico, make its way into the U.S. via Texas, and will be visible in its totality in parts of 14 other states as it moves northeastward across the country. It will then proceed into Canada.

The National Weather Service explains that a total solar eclipse happens when the moon’s elliptical orbit brings it closest to Earth, causing the moon to seem bigger than the sun. This positioning enables the moon to fully block out the sun, casting a shadow on the surface of the Earth.

Make sure to wear appropriate eye protection during this period. It is also important to check the weather forecast and be ready for any potential weather-related issues if you’re planning to drive a long distance. For information on Kansas road conditions, go to or call 5-1-1

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