U.S. Representatives Mann, Arrington, and Pfluger Introduce Joint Resolution to Overturn Biden Administration’s Methane Emissions Rule

By Trish Svoboda

Today, April 12, U.S. Representatives Tracey Mann, Jodey Arrington, and August Pfluger spearheaded the introduction of a joint resolution under the Congressional Review Act (CRA). The resolution aims to overturn the Biden Administration’s final rule concerning regulations on methane emissions from oil and natural gas. This rule, which was put into effect by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last month, mandates energy producers to disclose their methane emissions to the EPA. This is to be done using third-party monitoring technology as part of the newly formed Super-Emitter Program.

Under the EPA’s newly implemented rule, all energy producers, even those with limited resources, will be compelled to invest in expensive technology. This is to ensure compliance and enhance the monitoring of methane leaks from their equipment. Additionally, the rule mandates oil and gas companies to gradually eliminate the routine flaring of natural gas, a procedure that producers depend on for oil production.

In 2022, Rep. Mann spearheaded a joint letter to EPA Administrator Regan, calling for the withdrawal of the rule. Rep. Mann has consistently advocated for energy independence in Congress, striving to reduce energy costs for Americans, boost American energy production, and unlock America’s full energy potential. As detailed in Rep. Mann’s ‘Commitment to the Big First’, he is dedicated to reducing bureaucratic hurdles and onerous regulations for producers and business owners.

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