Concordia Named One Of The Friendliest Small Towns in America

Concordia made the list recently posted by The Travel of the 10 small towns in the US where you’ll be treated like family. The Travel described Concordia as being famous for being one of the friendliest towns in America, and continued that this is because the people are welcoming and accommodating. The community is genuinely concerned about everyone’s well being and they all look out for each other.

Concordia is credited for having a low crime rate due to the community standing up for each other, and having a sense of peace and relaxation.

The Travel went on to say that besides the feeling of belonging one will experience, there are also plenty of things to enjoy in this town from historic and natural attractions to interesting events.

The top attractions they list are The Cloud County Historical Museum, the Brown Grand Theatre, and The Nazareth Convent.

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