Clay County Head Start Teacher Named Teacher of the Year

Clay Co., Kan. — Yesterday was Clay County Head Start’s end of the year celebration to highlight the accomplishments of their students and their families.
This year’s celebration though came with some extra recognition for one of the teachers in Clay County.
During the event, Angela McManaman, who is the lead teacher for the Clay County AM classroom, was announced as the Kansas Head Start Teacher of the Year.
Beginning in 2013, she started as a teacher’s assistant and McManaman was quickly promoted to Lead Teacher a year later. According to Lisa Stonehouse, Senior Director at Clay County Child Care Center, Angela has been helping in two other counties the past few years, while having her own classroom in Clay Center.

Stonehouse said McManaman did not accomplish this without support from those around her.

The dedication and heart from the entire team, is what Stonehouse says keeps them going.

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