Keeping Gas Meters Clear in The Winter

By Payton Tholstrup

Black Hills Energy of Wichita is reminding Kansans to keep an eye on their gas meters during this cold, winter weather we are currently having. The company explained that ice and snow buildup on the meter can create safety hazards, even going as far as cutting off the flow of natural gas to heating equipment and other appliances.

  • Gently clear snow away by hand or broom. Do not use a shovel or anything sharp – this could result in damage.
  • Keep snow blowers and shovels away from gas meters and other above-ground equipment.
  • Clear snow away carefully from the outdoor vent on high efficiency furnaces and gas water heaters. If they are blocked, they will not be able to run safely.
  • Safely remove ice builup from overhead eaves.
  • If you hire someone from snow removal, make sure you point out the meter to them.
  • Make sure the carbon monoxide detector in your home is functioning and the batteries are current.

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