Weekend Storms Led to Flooding in Geary County

By Ryan Duey

Authorities rescued several individuals from flash flooding early Sunday morning in Geary County. Around 5 a.m., Junction City firefighters saved Isaih Arturo-Pedraza, 24, after his car became stranded in water on Old Highway 40 – Crider Road. Using safety lines, they safely walked him out.

Later, around 7:45 a.m., the Geary County Sheriff’s Department rescued four more individuals near Geary State Lake. These included one person in a vehicle and three others trapped earlier. A Sheriff’s patrol vehicle helped cross an inlet for the rescues. There were no injuries reported.

Severe thunderstorms and a flash flood warning accompanied the early morning events, with rainfall totals ranging from 2.21 inches to nearly three inches in various parts of the county.

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